Simplify your social game!

Easily monitor online stores, forums, and social media for reviews and commentary for your products.

Instantly receive new reviews from Steam, Oculus, Microsoft Store and the App Store,

and monitor mentions on social sites such as Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Bring your stores together

Steam, Oculus, Microsoft, Viveport, Gog, and Metacritic reviews all brought to Discord

Incredible Reddit integration

Find out as soon as a post or comment about your product is mentioned, or monitor an entire subreddit for any new post or comment - perfect for moderation.

Save time on mentions

Twitter, Reddit, YouTube posts, all brought to your Discord

Super bot functionality

Like a video found by Gameplainer? Just react with an emoji and it can be automatically forwarded to another channel or even another Discord Server

Twitch, Steam Broadcasts and Mixer integration

Find out as soon as someone is streaming your game, and run reports to know who your biggest fans are