January 24, 2024

Features, bug fixes, and a Gameplainer Discord!

It's been a while between blog posts, but there's been a bunch happening in the background.

A few months ago I started putting all my updates into an official Gameplainer Discord Server - Come and say hi!

New features

  • Steam RSS Feeds can now been imported - this is super useful for importing Events and announcements directly into Discord.
  • Drastically reduced permissions - I went through the entire app to make sure Gameplainer didn't over extend itself where ever possible. Gameplainer no longer needs Administrator access to your Discords, just access to create channels, and send messages.
  • Meta Forums can now be searched and imported directly into Discord
  • Teams - a new feature to show the timezones for each member of your team magically on one Discord channel. Should you have multiple teams, you can have one timezone channel for each team!

Bug fixes

  • Reddit integration is back - easily search for mentions of your game in posts or comments, retrieve in near-real-time all posts on a particular post (great for AMA's or trailer reveals etc) or posts by a particular user.
  • Lots of fixes to Meta Quest reviews, Steam reviews, and Steam Forums
  • Viveport reviews importer fixed


  • Twitter, the site formally known as X, is currently no longer monitored by Gameplainer for mentions of your games.

Don't forget to come say hi on the official Gameplainer Discord server here!