October 17, 2022

Game review emojis - what do they mean?

To help sift through the reviews I've put in some very basic machine learning sentiment analysis, to sort out bug reports, trolls, and complaints about value for money and time.

All reviews are currently checked for one of the following conditions:

  • 🐛 Reviews that are actually bug reports. Usually contain mentions from the player about issues they've had, crashes or bugs.
  • 👺 Gameplainer has picked up that this might actually be a troll. Might be smarter to ignore than react.
  • 💰 This review mentioned money, so there's a good chance they're complaining about the price of your game (and a super rare chance that they're excited about the price of your game!)
  • ⏳ This review most likely complained about the game being too short. Also best to ignore.
  • 🆓 The reviewer indicated that they received the game for free