October 13, 2022

Hello from Gameplainer!

Gameplainer started off as a way to help monitor for one of the games I was working on, when I realized I was spending more time checking Steam forums, reviews, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube than actually supporting the game.

First up I put together the Steam review feature, which would send a notification every time a new review popped up, and then added the Steam Forum feature to know within minutes that someone had commented on our forums.

The rest of the features came onboard one by one, including Twitch, Oculus (nee: Meta), Viveport, Mixer (RIP), and on and off again support for Instagram and TikTok (they're... suprisingly hard to keep up with!)

I've literally been building Gameplainer for my own use - and I'm stoked that a bunch of the game dev community have found it to be invaluable to their needs too.

If you've got any features you'd like to see, or questions about the service itself, or.. anything else at all - please let me know! I'm just a ping away.

You can find me on Twitter or Discord by adding user Hanney#8748. Say hello!