November 8, 2022

Get Metacritic reviews straight to your Discord

Gameplainer can easily send you an alert when your game has a new review featured on Metacritic.

Setting up Metacritic

  1. Navigate to the channels page and push the [+] button next to Metacritic
  2. Enter the name of your game (eg Space Pirate Trainer), and push Next
  3. If the game is found, it'll be displayed along with all the platforms Metacritic has identified (eg PS4, PS5, XBOX, PC, Switch etc). Press Select below your game to continue
  4. You'll now be shown a bunch of monitors Gameplainer will create. Unselect any monitors you don't want (eg 'Youtube' or 'Reddit')
  5. After a few seconds, your channel monitor(s) will be created

Notes on Metacritic importing

Typically a Metacritic search is performed once a day. This rate can be increased though, so contact me if you'd like this feature added to your account.