October 13, 2022

Google Alerts with Gameplainer

One of the Finally fixed some annoying bugs with Google Alerts integration, works great now!
Just get a Google Alert RSS feed, and throw it into a Gameplainer Discord channel

Setting up a Google Alert for Gameplainer

How to setup your Google Alert:

  1. Go to https://google.com/alerts
  2. Type in your alert text (eg 'Space Pirate Trainer')
  3. Click 'Show options'
  4. Change the settings

Google Alerts options
* How Often: As-it-happens
* Sources: Web
* Language: Any
* How many: All results
* Deliver to: RSS feed

5. Copy the RSS link using the handy RSS button
The Google Alerts "RSS button"
6. Head to Gameplainer.com/channels to create a Google Alert notifier
7. Paste the RSS link into the search bar
8. Press "next"
9. The RSS link is validated by Gameplainer, and you should be good to go!