November 1, 2022

Microsoft, Xbox, and Gameplainer

A few years ago we ported Space Pirate Trainer to the Microsoft Store, and in recent times published our game Shredders on Xbox.

To help react to player feedback faster I setup this tool to quickly import reviews from the Microsoft store so we could see feedback in near real time.

Getting started

  1. Head to the channels page, and click on the + button next to Microsoft.
  2. Type in the name of your game, and push "Next"
  3. A list of apps will be shown matching the text you entered. Hopefully the game you're after is listed - if so, push "Select"
  4. You'll be asked to confirm the channels Gameplainer should make, by default it'll offer suggestions for the MS/Xbox store, Youtube, Twitter and Reddit.
  5. Push "Next >" and your monitor channels will be created

What happens next

Gameplainer will over the coming hours start searching for new reviews for your game on the Xbox/Microsoft Store, and return them to a channel in your Discord