October 16, 2022

The Gameplainer Bot

When setting up Gameplainer for a Discord, Gameplainer installs a "Bot" on the server, which primarily is used to send messages to Discord channels (for example Steam reviews, mentions on Twitter, Twitch streams etc).

However! You can interact with the bot as well for some realtime features.

You can send one of the following messages to the Bot via DM:

  • !list - shows a list of commands available
  • !stats - returns a short list of statistics for the current channel
  • !status - returns any known issues or outages of Gameplainer

There are also a few channel specific messages that you can send:

  • !refresh - Gameplainer will refresh the channel in the next few minutes
  • !disable - Disables the Gameplainer channel
  • !enable - Enables the Gameplainer channel
  • !audit - An experimental feature only available for some review channels
  • !follow - when used with a reddit thread url (eg '!follow https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/gg50by/looking_for_reflex_based_psvr_games_that_dont/) all comments will be returned in near real-time to the current discord channel