October 26, 2022

Twitch options with Gameplainer

Never miss a Twitch stream of your game by getting near up to the minute messages straight to your Discord.

You can configure notifications to only trigger once a certain number of viewers are tuned into the stream, or even trigger an @everyone in the message should you really not want to miss the stream.

How to setup a Twitch monitor

  1. Click on the '+' button on the channels page, just next to "Twitch".
  2. You'll be asked to enter a game name. Make sure you get punctuation correct here, Twitch search is pretty specific. Partial words don't work either, so if you want "Vampire Survivors" you'll want to type "Vampire Survivors" instead of "Vampire Surv"
  3. A collection of found games will be shown. Select your game by pressing the button under your artwork. If your game isn't found, there's a good chance it was either misspelt, or you'll have to add the game manually to Twitch's IGDB
  4. If you found your game in the previous step, you'll be asked to confirm creation of channels. Unselect any channels you don't want to make (for example, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit..)
  5. Gameplainer will now make your Twitch monitoring channel (and others, if selected). You'll be told when it's finished!

Get @everyone notified when big streams are happening!

One of the great features of the Gameplainer Twitch monitoring tool is getting pinged when a big time stream is happening.

My definition of a "big time stream" for Space Pirate Trainer is maybe 1000 viewers - yours may be different (a Vampire Survivors stream less than 1000 viewers is almost boringly common 😅)

So you'll be able to set it all up as you like, after you first created your Twitch monitor channel (see previous steps).

To setup super notification:

  1. First create a Twitch monitor, as detailed above.
  2. Click on the Twitch monitor in the channels page.
  3. Here you'll have two Twitch specific options:
    • Type of Discord Notification - @here, @everyone, or none)
    • Notify at this many viewers - The @here or @everyone will be raised once this number of viewers is reached

A @here/@everyone notification will only happen once every 12 hours, so it won't be spamming your server.

Other twitch settings

Suppress repeat messages There's a little checkbox will prevent messages sent to Discord every time a viewer count changes. With this selected, you'll only get notifications when viewer counts drastically change (more than 1.5 times the previous notification, so if the previous was 10 viewers, a message won't arrive in Discord unless there's 15 viewers)

View list of Streams on Gameplainer

You'll find a complete list of Streams on the Streams page right here on Gameplainer. The list of Streams is ordered by game title, and then viewer count.