November 2, 2022

Meta Quest reviews and Gameplainer

It's super easy to get your Quest reviews into your Discord nearly as soon as they're published, giving you super fast ways to react to pain points for players

Setting up your Quest reviews

Note: your game will already have to be visible on the Quest store before it can be monitored by Gameplainer

  1. Navigate to the channels page and push the [+] button next to Meta Quest
  2. Enter the name of your game (eg Space Pirate Trainer), the Quest app ID (eg 1663790613725314) or the whole store URL (eg
  3. If the game is found, it'll be displayed along with any other fuzzy matches (in the case of Space Pirate Trainer, a bunch of other 'Space' related games might also be shown). Click on the Select button below your game
  4. You'll now be shown a bunch of monitors Gameplainer will create. Unselect any monitors you don't want (eg 'Youtube' or 'Reddit')
  5. After a few seconds, your channel monitor(s) will be created

Notes on Quest monitoring

At the time of writing, the default refresh rate for Quest review monitoring is once a day. This rate can be increased though, so contact me if you'd like this feature added to your account.

Gameplainer will monitor the US store primarily and do a pass on all international stores at least once every two days, though will place an emphasis on the Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, and French stores to be sure they're checked once a day as well.

As with all imported reviews, Gameplainer will apply some sentiment analysis in the form of emojis, and put spoiler tags around negative reviews. Read here for more details about how Gameplainer applies emojis for sentiment analysis.

Meta Community forum monitor

You can also set up a monitor on the Meta forums.

  1. In the Channels page, click on the [+] button next to Meta Community Forums section
  2. Enter the text you'd like to search for (such as your game title), and press next
  3. On the next screen, push 'Save' and your monitor will be created.